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, san jose is ready for march madness. they will host teams from around the country to hp. cal and santa cruz are among the high profile teams. it's one of the biggest events in all of sports and it means big business from local restaurants and hotels. the games are on thursday and saturday in san jose. san francisco is turning to one of the world's richest men to cover its budget shortfall for the upcoming america's cup race. the city is asking billionaire larry ellison to help pay for the event. not only can he afford it, but he's got a vested interest since he'll be racing in it. the difference is more than 1300 signatures so far. if he agrees, the city won't have to tap into tax incomes to pay for the race. >> the $2.5 million mars rover is sidelined. ground control is in contact, but it cannot perform any of the scientific experiments it's supposed to do. scientists say the problem is most likely caused by space radiation. they have only a few days until a planetary alignment limits between earth and mars during most of april. >> he hasn't seen them in the content for a long time. >
today. stanford and cal are expected to get high seeds. they wanted 7th and cal is only 6. >>> good morning everybody and at the toll plaza, no problems if you are in livermore but it is slow, let's go to steve. >>> mostly sunny this morning by this afternoon we will be talking about rain and we could sure use it but here is some patchy low clouds and upper 60s and lower 70s inland. >>> coming up on mornings on 2, violence in the east bay, police are searching for a man who committed a knife attack. >>> and the pope will be officially inaugurated tomorrow and we have new details we found out about the ceremony, stay with us, we will be right back. >>> we're live in alameda where a st. patrick's day bar fight ends with a stabbing. we'll tell you what police are saying about the suspects who got away. >>> a memorial is set up this morning to remember the two victims killed in a raceway crash in the north bay as investigators look into the house. >> reporter: and vallejo police this morning, working to track down the person who killed and elderly man at a home in this city. we'll tell
will have that part of the story coming up on kron four news at 6pm. >> march madness is here! the cal bears are in the middle of all that madness. playing right here in the bay area. kron 4's rob fladeboe is live outside the h-p pavillion in san jose with reaction from fans. rob? >> yes. and a local favorite and no. 12 is playing right now against no. 5 university of nevada/las vegas. we are outside the hov pavilion. this is the no. 3 of the for this is the west entrance. it is hosting the n.c.a.a. tournament for the third time. they have been building all day. with some even illegal tailgating and the manager let the march madness began! >> go ducks. >> two words. march madness. fans from across the country converging on hp pavilion for opening round games between local favorite cal and u.n.l.v., new mexico state versus st. louis, oklahoma state up against oregon and montana versus syracuse, whose fans claim to bleed orange. >> the hat, the shorts, the hoodie, the wrist band and the soulful cover and the -- smart phone cover and my socks and my smart phone wallpaper >> reporter: tickets t
of the ncaa tournament thursday through saturday. cal will stays unlv there on thursday. cal is the 12th seed of the east region. unlv is the fifth seeded team. it's 5-1 verses cal. [ cheers ] >> cheers broke out in morago as the st. mary's basketball team was selected to the tournament. the gaels will play tennessee tomorrow night in dayton, ohio. if they win, they will become the 11th seed of the midwest region and play the sixth seed memphis on thursday. >>> 7:51. the ncaa tournament is very important to advertisers as well. total tv revenue from all 68 games expected to top a billion dollars this year. that's more than the super bowl or the world series. but it's actually a better deal to the advertisers -- for the advertisers because there's so many more games around the fans will probably keep watching and seeing those same commercials over and over again. >>> bracket selection for the women's tournament happens today. stanford and cal expected to get high seeds. the number 4 stanford's women team won their 7th straight title about a week ago.
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friends say he disappeared. crews with the cal fire, the sheriff's department and the thormaster have been trying to find him. serve conditions are relatively calm but the water is cold. crews are conducting a grid search in hopes of finding lopez. >> they're dropped a data buoy in from where the last location was to see which way the surf conditions are going. >> he going, when i start looking for him. >> gone? >> yeah. reporter: friends say lopez works at restaurant here in half moon bay. his boss and coworkers came to the beach when they got the word. >> ama: another developing story. this one out of milpitas. people are now returning to their homes after a gas leak forced evacuation of dozens of people. pg&e says a worker doing routine maintenance broke a involve on a service line this afternoon. you can see police evacuating residents. it happened in the area of has send avenue and victoria drive. there are no reports of injuries. >> we're learning more about the 19-year-old marine from oakley who has shot and killed last week. lance corporal sara castromata was on the honor roll in h
and san mateo county coast guard and cal fire and the state department of parks and recreation all went looking for lopez. but afterrarily five hours they called -- after nearly five hours they called off the search. this is is from the staff. the owner is praying a miracle. lopez was like a son to her. >> i hope he go somewhere and can come back. i wish. i hope. praise the god to help him to be back. >> the coast guard says there are no plans to resume the search. he had family in oregon and they are said to be on their way. lilian kim, abc7 news. >> lilian, thank you. >>> now lets head to leigh glaser for a first check on the weather and what is happening outside. >> live doppler 7hd is picking up some high and midlevel clouds that continue to stream from the north bay to the south bay. kahn see near san francisco a little bit of cloudiness there and all the way up toward santa rosa and cloverdale. live doppler 7hd picking up no moisture. there is no rain expected for at least 24 to 36 hours. we could see a few changes into the latter part of the workweek. san francisco 49 and half mo
forces used the weapons. ed, president obama said he is deeply skin tack cal of the claims and says the united states and our allies are trying to figure out whether the syrian regime crossed what he calls the redline. how significant is this step by the general secretary? >> it's significant in the sense it has the potential to be the first formal and independent investigation of the claims that chemical weapons have been used in the syrian civil war. on the other hand, it should be remembered that this is an investigation requested by the syrian government as a member state of the united nations, and they have only requested investigation of the alleged incident that occurred on tuesday outside the northwestern syrian city, not any other allegations of the use of chemical weapons by the syrian government themselves. ban ki-moon, was quick to make that clear today. >> i'm, of course, aware that there are other allegations of similar cases involving the reported use of chemical weapons. in discharging its mandate of an investigation mission, full cooperation from all parties will be
cal. >> double jeopardy is our mainstay of our constitution and rights. so amanda knox acquitted on a denovo appeal. the case was tried once. with independent experts on appeal, and then for them to come back and say, we want her to be reversed and tried for a third time. >> shepard: how is she -- >> never happened here. , she is -- seattle is a funny place. the press here said from the get-go, when amanda said i just want to be mismy family economy, landed here with the crowds, the press signed a letter saying, we'll leave you alone. never take a picture, so we never hear about her in the press. living a quiet live here at the uw. the same boyfriend before the trial and her initial arrest. he lives in the international district. his family supports her. she has a great extend family in west seattle, and hopefully this will be the period at the end of a very long and unfortunate sentence. >> shepard: is that the thinking? >> i think it is. surprised to hear there was a mixed review in court. the thinking here is, like no way. just no way she's going to have to go back. and in rea
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, the so cal knight. >> i love that. >> yes. >>> let's check in with rob m d maye mayeda. thanks to our sea breeze, we're cooling down things off. 40s and low 50s outside. and very likely we'll see some patches of low clouds for the morning. right now down to 51 degrees. 49 san francisco and in santa cruz. 49 degrees, watching for the low clouds to form. you can see the wind direction. southwest at 17 into fairfield that is a pretty good push of cooler ocean air into solano county and into the east bay, which will set the stage for some clouds to start tomorrow, and very likely a cooler afternoon for tomorrow as well. so 70s not likely to be in the forecast. so we're looking for some areas of morning mist too along the coast and peninsula for tomorrow morning. and then partly cloudy skies for the afternoon highs. low to mid-60s, and then starting tuesday into wednesday, eespecially for the north bay, there is a chance of seeing some showers as an area of low pressure approaches the coast, and an increasing chance of showers i think as we be through the weekend. satellite and radar mainl
say, it has not been confirmed that the man ever entered the water >> - a cal-train struck and killed a pedestrain in palo alto this morning. this is video of the scene from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. at the charleston road crossing near alma street. there were major delays and all trains stopped at all stations to accommodate the riders. no word on what caused the accident or the identity of the victim. this marks the fifth fatality for caltrains this year. >> catherine: the two teenagers in georgia - charged with killing a baby boy in his stroller - and shooting his mother - were in court today. it's a crime that has left the baby's family heartbroken. and upset parents everywhere. late today - 17-year-old de marquis elkins appeared in a georgia courtroom. he's accused of demanding money from a woman who'd taken her baby out in his stroller for a walk last thursday. police say that after she explained she didn't have any money with her. elkins shot the baby in the face - killing 13-month old antonio santiago. he also shot the mother - sherry west - grazing her head
by a panel of real top republican leaders, experts, lit cal pros and they traveled all over the country to find out what aeuld the g.o.p. and how come they got beaten so badly. they determined that voters are turned off and view them as being out of touch. this is reince priebus. >> focus groups described our party as narrow minded, out of touch and "stuffy old men." the perception that we are the party of the rich unfortunately continues to grow and that's frustrating. >> reporter: they say the problem is not what they are saying, it's not the policies or principles it's how they are said. he talked about by lodge khrao biologically stupid statements made pie candidates. here is more by reince priebus. >> our message was weak, our ground game to the good. we weren't con blouse i have, our primary and debate process needed improvement. >> reporter: they close the door on all the analysis and start moving forward. this is about mechanics and logistics not about policy. they say it's very important for republicans to get behind comprehensive immigration reform which could include a path
. that did hurt me deeply. although i did have cal. i had the bears. >> i picked all three of these wrong. >> i thought california beat colorado. because of boone pickens, i picked the stupid cowboys, even though i knew the fighting ducks were pretty good. although fighting ducks, you know, that doesn't do much. >> i did the same thing. they said one and i didn't pick them. boone would give so much grief. >> oregon. marquette davidson was unbelievable and everybody i think had marquette. marquette in the last second with a lay-up won by 59-58. memphis, scared at the end, i had memphis of over st. mary's. and i also had the shockers, yeah, i had the shockers. i had them. 73-55. i only lost -- >> why did you pick them? >> blake, my daughter, loves the shockers. i don't know why. she has the w -- you go like this. you have to be careful because you could do wisconsin. she has the shockers going to the final four. they're a good defense. >> wow. >> but i was 14-2 yesterday. >> i was not. >> you're 10-4. that's not bad. 14-2. oh, 10-6. i'm sorry. >> that's okay. >> but still, today, i got cinc
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14